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20:30 Brussels Talks

Intrigued by the future? Triggered by change?  

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20:30 Brussels Talks, a talk show of the future 

As an answer to BrusselAVenir’s current exploration: ‘How will the climate transition be just for everyone in Brussels in 2030?’; we want to tell Brusseleirs how the change could happen and how it can be beneficial for everyone. Besides we want to show the role of the media and more specifically radio in communication around climate transition. In an era where fake and real news are difficult to distinguish, qualitative media channels are crucial. Channels that can inform people about the changes that are happening, the support that is available and the opportunities that accompany the transition.

This is why BrusselAVenir in partnership with BNA-BBOT is developing ‘20:30 Brussels talks’: a scripted talk show placed in 2030, performed by actors, in a form that radio of the future will be. People from the future have a conversation with the radio-host about the transition to a certain future change and how their lives, hopes and fears are. The climate minister of the future will be a guest. We’ll hear music from a future rap band. And an advertising jingle from desirable futures. This will be broadcasted live from an interesting cultural venue.

Workshop agenda  

In order to produce this radio show, we will gather futurists, media stakeholders and researchers to discuss the following topics in a series of two co-creation workshops:

1) What will the role of radio in the Brussels media landscape of 2030 and how will it look like? (Shifts in broadcasting, radio on demand, socially inclusive radio)

2) What will be the future formats of talk shows in Brussels? (multi-linguality, diversification versus bubblification, coping with attention spans)

3) What will eco-social radio be in 2030? (carbon emission free radio, advertisement jingles)

The two workshops will take place on:

Thursday, 17 October from 18:00 to 21:30 (dinner included)

Saturday, 23 November from 16:00 to 19:00

Location: Beursschouwburg