Bruxelles nous appartient


Interfaces - artists residencies in Brussels. Q-O2 workspace, in the framework of the Interfaces European network, has invited eleven artists for residencies in Brussels of one to two months. Practitioners, theorists, and educators working with sound, music, site-specific and/or participatory strategies will get the opportunity to research and realise projects which look at ways to connect to the city, experimental modes of producing knowledge, and discursive or educational formats... (read more)

comme un lundi

Une semaine pour repenser son rapport aux technologies dans le milieu du travail... (read more)

call : brusselsspeaks

We zijn op zoek naar mensen die kunnen vertellen over ontmoetingen, botsingen en hybrides van verschillende talen... (read more)


AUTOROADIO is een participatieve geluidsinstallatie met verhalen over trajecten naar Brussel... (read more)

sound postcards - call for participation

Listen to the World launches a call for participation addressed to students in art, design and architecture for the creation of sound postcards... (read more)